Pariwartan (Change)

PCL as a part of its CSR, has installed interactive e-learning kits at 120 schools in and around Solapur over the last 2 years. It includes about 90 schools from the rural areas that are run by the Zilla Parishad. The installation was done in 3 phases. Starting with a white board, projector and IR camera, moving on to Smart boards and to LED panels that get converted into touch screen, the kit comprised of tools using current technology every time. All schools are provided with Solar panels to ensure uninterrupted use of these tools. Teachers from these schools were given the necessary training at every stage of the project.

‘Pariwartan’, the fourth such training session for teachers was organized on 8th August 2019. It was attended by 704 teachers from 120 schools. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Prakash Waychal, CEO, Solapur Zilla Parishad.

Mr. Sandip Gund and Mr. Vishwas Yelnurkar conducted the training using LED panel and the Smart board. Mr. Omkar Modak briefed the teachers about care of the Solar panels and batteries provided to such school.

The interactive e-learning project has reached 99 villages/ towns across 3 districts and has benefitted 974 teachers and 24362 students.

Pariwartan Pariwartan

Social Issues

Taat Wati Chachani

PCL has supported ‘Voice of Voiceless Abhiyan’ an initiative for early detection of deafness in children followed by treatment using hearing aids and speech therapy, by Mrs. Jayaprada and Mr. Yogesh Bhange of Shetphal, Dist. Solapur.

Mr. & Mrs. Bhange have deviced a very innovative test for early detection of deafness – ‘Taat Wati Chachani’ wherein the Anganwadi teachers are trained to do this simple test at their respective Anganwadis for children in 0 to 6 years age group.

With the help of Solapur Zilla Parishad, Women & Child Welfare department, 4500 Anganwadi teachers were trained to conduct this test between 29th July to 3rd August. These teachers would test about 300,000 children over the next few months. Children with deafness will be provided with further tests and hearing aids and will also be given speech therapy. This is the biggest project of this kind in the state of Maharashtra.

Taat Wati Chachani Taat Wati Chachani


Upgradation of Surgery Operating Theatre Complex at the General Hospital, Solapur

Precision Foundation recently worked on the upgradation of the General Surgery Operation Theatre Complex at the General Hospital, Solapur for the benefit of the patients and the medical students at large. The ‘B’ block at the General Hospital, Solapur houses the department of Surgery. The upgradation of the General Surgery Operation Theatre included getting LED OT lamps, Ceiling Pendants with flexible gas pipe lines, Hydraulic Surgical Operating Tables in all four OTs, UPS and batteries and also equipment like C Arm, Craniotome, Cautery machines etc. for use during complicated surgeries.

A camera with zoom in zoom out facility is provided in every OT and is connected to a TV in the ‘Students gallery’ which too has been renovated. UG and PG students would be able to observes surgeries being conducted in these OTs sitting in the gallery. The Alumni Association and Dept. of Surgery of Dr. Vaishampayan Memorial Government Medical College (VMGMC) also contributed to this project.

The upgraded OT’s were handed over to VMGMC and Dept. of Surgery, General Hospital Solapur at the hands of the DMER Maharashtra State, Padmashri Dr. Tatyarao Lahane and in the presence of Dean Dr.Shubhalaxmi Jaiswal, Dr. Sunil Ghate, President of Alumni Association and Dr. Manjiri Chitale on 7th June 2019.

Civil_OT_1 Civil_OT_2


Watershed management in 6 villages from North Solapur Taluka

Precision Foundation as a part of CSR of Precision Camshafts Limited, helped 6 villages from North Solapur Taluka, namely Kalaman, Raanmasale, Kondi, Wadala, Akkalkoti and Wangi, for the machine work in order to improve watershed in these draught prone areas. JCB’s and excavators were provided for increasing the depth of rivulets, making trenches, digging pits for plantation etc.. These villages are participating in the Water Cup competition. This pre-monsoon preparation would certainly help increase water storage in these villages and would also improve ground water levels.

The Satyamev Jayate Water Cup is an annual competition organized by Paani Foundation in which villages compete to do the best work in rainwater harvesting and watershed management. The foundation selects drought-hit tehsils, trains a group of residents in watershed development and organizes a 45-day ‘water cup’ contest among villages to see who creates the maximum possible rainwater storage capacity, thereby gaming water conservation. Villages build water conservation structures through Shramdaan (voluntary labour), raise money for machine work, test and treat soil, budget water usage, implement water saving technologies, etc. Paani Foundation makes technical help available to the participants.

Watershed_at_North_Solapur Watershed_at_North_Solapur



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