To be the world leader in camshafts manufacturing, with mutually beneficial engagements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) across the globe.

To expand our horizons and achieve 20% of the global camshaft market for passenger cars.

We at PCL believe that our values determine our work culture and a good set of values naturally culminates into a great work environment, seeping into all areas of the business. We operate on the principle of “C.R.E.A.T.E”, an acronym for an exemplary set of principles that are perceptible in every interaction and interface with PCL employees.

Customer Focus 
Customer Focus is the foundation of PCL and we liberally exhibit this value in every interface we have with our customers. We work towards delivering exceptional service, creating relationships, earning customer loyalty, creating sustainability and adding value to every customer interaction. We are a customer-focused organization and does not differentiate on the basis of the size of their business.

We respect and support different opinions. We honor the contribution of individuals, irrespective of their designation, role, background or nationality. We appreciate and respect diversity of cultures as a pond full of colorful fish is attractive and exciting.

We believe in setting ambitious benchmarks and striving to achieve them each year. We give utmost importance to quality and abide by a zero defects policy. We are committed to steadfast performance, and outstanding results of lasting value. We adhere to a blend of superior values that ultimately culminates into perfection.

We are adaptive and agile to the needs of our clients and customers. We liberally embrace challenges, react to business needs, and are efficient enough to change the tempo of our business considering the industry requirements. Our employees are always ready to take on new roles and projects in order to fulfill customer needs and business requirements.

We value teamwork as an organization. While we recognize individual contribution, we can fathom the power of synergy in a fast-paced and dynamic world. We foster the culture of collaboration and our success has been a substantiation of this synergy.

We believe in pursuing opportunities without inhibitions. We thrive on our courage to take risks and our innovativeness while dealing with constraints. We value solution-seeking spirit and an individual’s ability to think “out of the box”.



CIN : U24231PN1992PLC067126

Regd. Office - (UNIT-I) - E 102 / 103 M I D C, Akkalkot Road, Solapur 413006, Maharashtra, India.
(UNIT-II) - E 90 M I D C, Akkalkot Road, Solapur 413006, Maharashtra, India.
(EOU) - D5, D6, D7, D7 / 1 M I D C Chincholi, Dist. Solapur, 413255, Maharashtra, India.
Phone: + 91 217 3295433/ 34/ 35
Fax: + 91 217 2653398



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