Precision Guppa - 25th - 27th October 2013

Precision Guppa:Organised by Precision Foundation on 26th, 27th and 28th Oct-2012

Date : 25th October

“Guppa Dilkhulas” Live interview of famous actor Mr. Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Interview by: Social Activist and literate Dr. Anil Avchat.

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(Inauguration of th 5th “Precision Guppa” at the hands of Mr. Sadashiv Amrapurkar )

(Felicitation of the Guests by Mr. Yatin Shah & Dr. Suhasini Shah)

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(Interview begins)

(Interview begins)

Date : 26th Oct. 2013


Mr. Na. Dho. (N D) Mahanor (Famous Marathi Lyricist & Poet)

Mr. Anand Modak (Music Director)

Mr. Ravindra Sathe (Famous Marathi Singer)

Ms. Urmila Dhangar (Famous Marathi Singer)

Interview by: Ms. Dhanshree Lele

“Hirvya Anand Vaata” – a musical program on N D Mahanor’s poetry

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(Mr. Ravindra Joshi felicitating Ms. Dhanashree Lele & Mr. Nagesh Bhosekar)

(“Hirvya Anand Vaata” begins…and overwhelming response from “Solapurkar”. )

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(Mr. Yatin Shah felicitating Mr. Na. Dho. Mahanor & Mr. Anand Modak)

(Dr. Suhasini Shah felicitating Mr. Ravindra Sathe & Ms. Urmila)

Date : 27th October 2013 - (Program 1)


Mr. Siddheshar Bamani, Mr. Kishore Chandak

Mr. Girish Devarmani, Mr. Vishwanath Karwa

Mr. Raju Rathi

Subject : Symposium on “Solapur Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture and Development of Solapur.”

Interview by : Mr. Yatin Shah


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(Live interview on Development of Solapur)

(Response from representatives of Chamber of Commerce.)
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(Office bearers of Chamber felicitate Mr. Yatin Shah.)

(Response from representatives of Chamber of Commerce.)

Date : 27th October 2013 - (Program 2)

Felicitation of contributors in Development of Solapur through investment
Mr. Chandrakant Gudewar (Commissioner, SMC)
Dr. Basavraj Kolur (Director, Yashodhara Multi Specialty Hospital, Solapur)
D Ram Reddy (Director, Balaji Saovar Premier – 1st Five Star Hotel in City)
Dr. Ranjit Gandhi (Secretary, Walchand Group of Education)
Presentation of Precision Social Recognition Award to Ms. Shubhangi Bua (Secretary, Pakhar Sankul, Solapur )

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Date : 27th October 2013 - (Program 3)

Interview with Dr. Ravindra & Dr. Smitha Kolhe by Mr. Sudhir Gadgil Presentation of Precision Social Recognition Award to Ms. Shubhangi Bua (Secretary, Pakhar Sankul, Solapur)

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(Dr. Suhasini Shah)

(Presentation of Precision Social Award to Shubhangi Bua (Secretary, Pakhar Sankul, Solapur) at the hands of Dr. Ravindra & Dr. Smita Kolhe)

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(Late Subhash Raoji Shah Memorial Award being presented to Dr. Ravindra & Dr. Smita Kolhe.)

(Live interview with Dr. Ravindra & Dr. Smita Kolhe, interview by Mr. Sudhir Gadgil.)

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...amidst the assembly of advanced machinery is a team that works seamlessly with our global customers…


In our bid to become the leaders in camshaft technology, we’ve formed mutually beneficial engagements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from around the world.


PCL at a glance

At PCL, we believe that our values determine our work culture. They naturally culminate into a cohesive work environment, seeping into all aspects of our business. Our principle of operation is termed “C.R.E.A.T.E”, an acronym for an exemplary set of values that we hold dear to ourselves.

PCL is endowed with talent that brings together sharp business acumen, technical capability, tactical knowledge, domain expertise and vast industry knowledge. Our leaders at PCL are efficient people managers with an earnest endeavor to create a strong, goal-oriented, people-centric organization. With a winning combination of aggressive growth plans and a compassionate leadership, Precision is not only known for its quality and manufacturing abilities, but also for being a thoughtful and sensitive organization.

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PCL acquires EMOSS

17th May 2018 (Rotterdam): PCL announces acquisition of Dutch electric driveline maker Emoss through its wholly owned Dutch subsidiary, PCL (International) Holding B.V.

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PCL acquires MFT Motoren und Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, Germany through its wholly owned subsidiary PCL (International) Holding B V.

Precision Camshafts Ltd. establishes niche manufacturing footprint in Germany by acquiring 76% shares in MFT Motoren und Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH (MFT), through its wholly owned Dutch subsidiary PCL (International) Holding B.V.

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PCL acquires MEMCO

As a part of its inorganic growth strategy, Precision Camshafts Limited is all set to develop into a diversified component manufacturer, with the acquisition of MEMCO Engineering Private Limited (MEMCO). With the introduction of niche automotive engine & non-engine components and instrumentation parts, PCL has unbolted several pathways on the way of future growth and success.

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Through or Blind for oil gallery application by using sand & or glass core



Through or Blind for oil gallery application by using sand & or glass core



Through or Blind for weight reduction application by using sand core





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